NZ's Original Wheelbarrow

NZ's Original Wheelbarrow

Check out the EBarrow

Check out the EBarrow

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Always out in front

Since 1975 Greens Wheelbarrows have led the world in wheelbarrow design and innovation. Whether it's eliminating spade-shock with our bolt-free tray, introducing a pouring spout to make sure your load goes where you want it, or adding an electric motor to help you power through your workload with our revolutionary new E-barrow. That's the reason why whenever a Kiwi needs to get stuck in, they've got a Greens Wheelbarrow in front of them.

Check out the E-barrow
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Introducing the E-Barrow

Improve safety, increase productivity and reduce fatigue on your jobsite with our new E-Barrow. The 48V Lithium-Ion battery powers a 500W motor that's built right into the hub. Making light work of steep hills, muddy trails and the dreaded ramp up to the truck! Ideal for professional Landscapers, Tradies, Farmers or even if you've just got a decent sized patch of land.  

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A wheelbarrow for every job

Whether you're potting around the garden or building a skyscraper, there's a Greens Wheelbarrow that'll be up to the task.

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ECO Pink Wheelbarrow

ECO Pink

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