Our Story

From steelyards of 19th Century England, to the backyards of Kiwis today

Since 1856 in England, the Greens family have been involved in the manufacturing of steel products. In 1935, Peter Green founded Coach Works in Hamilton, New Zealand which manufactured trailers, couplings, farm, household and other steel products and eventually led to the launch of the Greens Wheelbarrows range in 1975.

Today, Greens Wheelbarrows have become established as the number one brand in the New Zealand marketplace through a mixture of ingenious design, outstanding quality and friendly customer service.

We still assemble and distribute our wheelbarrows from right here in Hamilton, and they can be found in not only backyards, but at concrete pours, construction sites and major infrastructure projects across New Zealand and the globe. 

Carried the past. Moving the future.

Greens wheelbarrows have become part of New Zealand history. Through time they have been an important ingredient in the construction and development of our country.

For over 40 years we've continued to push (excuse the pun) the form and function of the humble wheelbarrow. Whether it's adding a pouring spout for accurate pouring, eliminating spade-shock with our bolt-free tray design, or making punctures a thing of the past with our flat-free Smart-Tyre.

Today the Greens brand offers a wide range of wheelbarrows from large trade barrows that can handle the toughest working conditions, to nimble garden barrows for those routine household duties. All offering the trademark Greens quality, design, and value, backed up with great customer service.

Building on our legacy of innovation, we've recently introduced the E-barrow - the wheelbarrow that pushes itself! A game changer for the hardworking tradies, landscapers, concreters and farmers who continue the building of New Zealand. 

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Red Ebarrow CC