Experience the all new E-Barrow

Experience the all new E-Barrow

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The wheelbarrow that does the pushing for you

Improve safety, increase productivity and reduce fatigue on your jobsite with our new E-Barrow. The 48V Lithium-Ion battery powers a 500W motor that's built right into the hub. Making light work of steep hills, muddy trails and the dreaded ramp up to the truck! Ideal for professional Landscapers, Tradies, Farmers or even if you've just got a decent sized patch of land.  

How the E-barrow can help your business

The E-Barrow by Greens Wheelbarrows has plenty of incredible features that give your business the competitive edge, while improving the safety and well-being of your crew. 

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Power through your workload

For the same reason Builders use a nailgun instead of a hammer. An E-Barrow will help you get through those big jobs much more efficiently. 

The 500W motorised hub is packed with plenty of grunt, and the Flat-free Smart-Tyre never goes flat. Even when she's loaded to the brim. 

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Drain the Battery, not your crew.

The E-Barrow takes the strain off your employees so they don't get burnt out after a big day behind the barrow. So they'll be more likely to show up tomorrow. 

The 10 amp hour, 48V Lithium Ion Battery can be charged in place, or is easily removable for charging off site, and can last several days of hard work on a single charge.

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Finger tip control for improved safety

Assisted pushing makes tricky ramps and steps easier to navigate, and the brakes reduce the chances of slipping when going downhill.

The thumb throttle provides responsive speed control, going from a slow crawl to walking speed as you command. And when you're heading down that muddy bank the brake stops it from taking you for a skate...and recharges the battery! 

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Move more in less time

Getting jobs done quickly means you'll have customers coming back for more. And you'll be able to take on the jobs that others won't.

The Ebarrow sports a huge 90L toughened polythene tub, so it can take a massive payload. And the pourer spout makes sure it goes where you want it to.